Papa Roach Address Viral Ryancare Tweet

The American Health Care Act, Paul Ryan’s bill intended to replace Obamacare, just failed in spectacular fashion. So it makes sense that Ryan, the world’s biggest Rage Against The Machine fan, would want to drown his sorrows in the sweet, sweet strains of Papa Roach’s “Last Resort,” as Shit My Dad Says creator Justin Halpern suggested on Twitter yesterday:

Unfortunately, it wasn’t true — Halpern’s screenshot was doctored, of course, and the actual kicker of the NYT article was decidedly more mundane. But it still seemed hilariously plausible, and the joke quickly took on a life of its own, enough that Halpern felt the need to clarify that it was indeed a joke:

Eventually, even Papa Roach got in on the joke:

When Papa Roach can punch down at you, you know you’re really not doing so hot.