Morrissey Ends Tucson Show After Six Songs

When you buy tickets to a Morrissey show, you are gambling. The man could show up and do something transcendent. He could cancel the day before the show. Or he could do what he did last night in Tucson, which was sing six songs and then abruptly disappear without a word of explanation or apology. reports that Moz gave up mid-show after about half an hour last night, leaving while his band was still playing “Everyday Is Like Sunday.” And this was after, as points out, he’d told the crowd, “I left part of my mouth in Guadalajara, but I will stand here, and I will sing, and if necessary, I will drop dead.”

The good news is that he didn’t drop dead. He made that statement three songs into the show. But apparently, his voice couldn’t make it through more than three more. Earlier this month, Morrissey played at the Roxy Festival in Guadalajara, and during his show, some sort of sandstorm kicked up. From the stage a few days later, Morrissey pointed out that he’d swallowed sand while singing there, which sounds gross. Here’s video of that:

Morrissey did, however, make it through two more full-length shows after Guadalajara before giving up on that Tucson crowd. Soon after he left the stage, one of his band members got on the mic to apologize to the audience. Here’s the video of Morrissey leaving and of the apology:

The show’s promoters report that they’re working with Morrissey to try to get him to either reschedule the show or offer refunds. His management has reportedly conceded that this was not a “formal show.”

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