Ed Sheeran Got Another Bad Tattoo But This Time It Wasn’t His Fault

Ed Sheeran has a lot of bad tattoos — a giant lion on his chest, a big tree, a teddy bear — but his latest bad tattoo isn’t actually his fault. The BBC reports that he recently filmed a music video for his latest ÷ single “Galway Girl” in Ireland with actress Saoirse Ronan, and he intended to get a tattoo of the words “Galway Girl” in her handwriting. But, as Sheeran revealed to the crowd at his show in Glasgow on Sunday, Ronan instead wrote “Galway Grill,” spelled G-R-I-L-L, and he’s now left with that permanently inked into his flesh. Still, he’s not mad — “I’m actually proud of her, it’s the kind of thing that I would do,” he told the audience.