Goldie – “Inner City Life (Burial Remix)”

We last heard from the mysterious, beloved producer Burial last November, when he released two new tracks, “Young Death” and “Nightmarket,” on the same 12″ single. Tomorrow, for Record Store Day, Burial returns with a new track. This time, it’s a remix of “Inner City Life,” the 1995 classic from the larger-than-life jungle producer Goldie. Burial’s seven-minute remix keeps very little of Goldie’s original, but it does provide a moody Burial spin on the sort of lush, melodic jungle that was coming out in the mid-’90s. The single will also feature a new remix of the track from Goldie himself. Below, listen to Burial’s remix and watch the video for Goldie’s original track.

Goldie’s new album The Journey Man is out 6/16, and his memoir All Things Remembered is out 11/2.