Katy Perry Announces New Single “Bon Appétit” Feat. Migos

Migos already scored a #1 hit of their own this year with “Bad And Boujee” and contributed to Calvin Harris’ prospective summer jam “Slide” alongside Frank Ocean, but their boldest voyage into pop music appears to be arriving this Friday: They’ll feature on a new Katy Perry single called “Bon Appétit.” That’s the cover art above. Perry teased the release earlier this week by sharing a recipe with fans and confirmed it today with the following tweet:


Perry is playing SNL’s season finale on 5/20; imagine if she brings Migos with her!

(Side note: Migos have now collaborated with Taylor Swift’s ex Calvin Harris and her archnemesis Katy Perry. I guess we know where they stand in the pop wars! Can we expect a feud between Migos and noted Swift supporter Kendrick Lamar?)

(Second side note: Are Migos the first rappers who’ve used Perry’s name as a euphemism for drugs to record a song with her?)

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