Mac DeMarco – “One More Love Song”

Mac DeMarco – “One More Love Song”

Mac DeMarco’s new album, This Old Dog, comes out next week (though it’s already on Limewire for all you realheads), and today he’s shared the fourth single from it, “One More Love Song,” which follows the title track, “On The Level,” and “My Old Man.” Here’s what he told SiriusXMU about the track:

Sometimes [love songs] come from a specific place, but in a lot of instances they could just be plucked out of the air. Have you ever been in love then out of love? There’s a whole gamut of emotions that come with that changing of the guard. And you don’t forget them, ‘cause they suck, or they rock, and you don’t forget things that rock or suck. So, maybe you pluck from something a long time ago, and the great thing is that everyone understands

Listen to it below.

This Old Dog is out 5/5 via Captured Tracks.

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