Speedy Ortiz – “Young Liars” (TV On The Radio Cover)

Last week, the Planned Parenthood benefit compilation Cover Your Ass Vol. 1 was officially announced, and today we get to hear the first cover from it: Speedy Ortiz’s take on TV On The Radio’s “Young Liars” from the band’s 2003 EP. Speedy’s cover was recorded back in 2015. “‘Young Liars’ is poetic and lovely, but also rife with the American shame and sneering political skepticism that marked the best of W. Bush-era post-punk,” the band explained to CoS. “So the song has a renewed resonance considering the fearful dystopian anticipation our current administration’s ‘marked down freedom’ has generated in so many of us.” Listen to it below.

Cover Your Ass Vol. 1 is out 5/26 via Lionfish Music. Speedy’s Sadie Dupuis also recently covered Carole King for a different benefit compilation.