Katy Perry Under Fire For Obama Comment And Calling The Weeknd’s Producer A N***a Years Ago

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Katy Perry Under Fire For Obama Comment And Calling The Weeknd’s Producer A N***a Years Ago

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Although Katy Perry has seemingly dived into a new era of “wokeness” in her music, she’s recently caught heat for some decidedly unwoke actions. I guess Perry’s latest haircut has been met with a bit of criticism from fans not into the new look, so she somehow thought it was a good idea to post a mocking video saying the following in response: “Oh someone says, ‘I miss your old black hair.’ Oh really, do you miss Barack Obama as well? Oh OK, times change, bye.”

Understandably, that comparison didn’t fare too well with the public, and it brought back to light a previously quiet story from 2013 by the Weeknd’s producer Mano, who at the time tweeted his disappointment at Perry’s use of the N-word.


Mano’s now gone on to detail the incident further in a series of tweets over the weekend. You can read his account below.








Weird that she didn’t seem to understand that she couldn’t use the word then, but seemed to grasp that it was best for her to use the word “ninjas” instead here:

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