Fyre Fest-Goers Offered Tickets For Next Year In Lieu Of Refunds

Two amazing things about last weekend’s catastrophically botched Fyre Fest: First, festival organizers Billy McFarland and Ja Rule are planning on doing another festival next year, in May in the US. And second, people who want refunds for their trips into island hell have to fill out applications to get them. And now we’re learning something else: The Fyre Fest organizers are offering VIP passes to next year’s festival for anyone who decides not to ask for that refund. But only if they’re “down for the adventure.”

New York Times reporter Joe Coscarelli has posted on twitter that the Fyre Fest organizers, after acknowledging that they “have been through the ringer on social media” are planning to “reverse that sentiment by planning something amazing.” And you can be part of it! All you have to do is stop asking for that refund!

“Down for the adventure.” I couldn’t write something that good if you gave me a million years.

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