Chromatics’ Dear Tommy Still Isn’t Out Because Johnny Jewel Destroyed Every Copy

Chromatics first announced their new album Dear Tommy way back in December 2014. Fans waited and waited and waited some more, and although a fair number of tracks slowly trickled out, Dear Tommy still didn’t seem to be getting any closer. Recently, all of the songs we had heard disappeared from the internet, and now Echo Park Records’ Alexis Rivera, who manages Johnny Jewel, has explained why. Apparently, Chromatics mastermind Johnny Jewel suffered a near-death experience in 2015, after Dear Tommy was finished, which led him to destroy every copy of the record in existence and start rerecording it from scratch. And now that “we are getting closer to the release of the album,” Jewel wanted all of the old versions to be taken down:

Looks like we may actually get Dear Tommy by, let’s say, 2020!