A. G. Cook – “Money On A Gold Plate” / “Cos I Love U”

“Money On A Gold Plate” and “Cos I Love You” are two old A. G. Cook tracks that have been floating around the internet for years now after being played in a couple of mixes, but they’re finally being officially released as part of PC Music’s still-ongoing Month Of Mayhem. That’s a great thing because they’re both awesome. “Money On A Gold Plate” (which features GFOTY on vocals) is probably one of my favorite tracks that the label has ever put out, and I’ve played the bootleg at least a hundred times (no lie). The final version sounds crisper and pops even harder, and the same goes for “Cos I Love You.” Listen to both below and download them (as separate mp3s) here.

PC Music’s Month Of Mayhem rolls on. A. G. Cook also recently provided a track-by-track breakdown of Charli XCX’s Number 1 Angel mixtape.