Watch Travis Scott Perform “Goosebumps” 14 Times In A Row

Travis Scott’s Bird’s Eye View tour has mostly been making headlines for how lit Travis Scott shows get — cops arresting Scott for “inciting a riot,” people jumping off of balconies, etc. — but over the weekend, it made the news for a different reason. During his stop at the Criterion in Oklahoma City on Friday, Scott played his recent hit single “Goosebumps” a whopping 14 times in a row. Scott’s people are billing that as some kind of record — the most times a single song has been played in a row since Jay Z and Kanye did “Niggas In Paris” a zillion times in Paris in 2011 — but I’m not sure that’s actually a record that anyone is keeping track of? Still, 14 times is a lot of times to play a song. Watch Scott’s record-breaking achievement below.

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