Travis Scott Claims He’s Not Responsible For Fans Who Jumped From Third Story Concert Balcony

A couple of years ago, Travis Scott got in trouble for causing a stampede at Lollapalooza by encouraging fans to jump the security barrier and rush the stage. It doesn’t seem like he learned anything from that experience, because during his show at NYC’s Terminal 5 last night, he encouraged fans to jump from the venue’s balconies into the ground floor mosh pit. Mostly, that worked out okay, but one kid who jumped from the third story broke his leg and messed up his back pretty bad.

Still, according to Travis Scott, it wasn’t Travis Scott’s fault. The rapper maintains that he only encourages fans on the second floor balconies to jump, and he wouldn’t dream of telling someone on the third floor to jump. That wouldn’t be safe! But even though it’s NOT HIS FAULT, he is, like Ja Rule, taking some responsibility: He gave his ring to the injured kid as compensation, and TMZ reports that his team is “launching a full investigation to see what led to the incident.” Who knows what they might find!

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