Stream (Sandy) Alex G Rocket

Rocket, the latest album from Alex Giannascoli (who now goes by (Sandy) Alex G), is both his most varied and structurally cohesive work to date, a sound collage of sorts that’s tied together by the Philadelphia musician’s singular vision. There are a few similar strands to tug at — an indebtedness to country music as evidenced by “Bobby” and “Proud,” an affection for glitchy experimental electronics by way of “Witch” and “Sportstar.” But there are also wild discursions like “Brick” and the submerged “Judge” that throw a wrench into any clear narrative you could try to construct around the album. What is clear is that Giannascoli is one of the most talented songwriters of his generation, and Rocket seems poised to be what gets him the same kind of recognition and renown from the general public that he’s already held in the underground for the past couple of years. The album is officially out today, and you can stream it below. And check out our interview with Giannascoli as you listen.

Rocket is out now via Domino.