(Sandy) Alex G – “Sportstar” & “Brick”

In a couple of weeks, Alex Giannascoli is releasing his new album, Rocket, under his (slightly) new name (Sandy) Alex G. We’ve already heard a couple tracks from it so far — “Proud” and the one-two punch of “Bobby” and “Witch” — and today Giannascoli has offered up another twofer in the form of “Sportstar” and “Brick,” both songs that trend towards the more experimental side of the new album’s country/experimental divide. When we interviewed Giannascoli last month, my wonderful co-worker and friend Gabriela Tully Claymore compared the former to Panda Bear and the latter to something that could’ve made it onto Show Me The Body’s recent mixtape, and that sounds like pretty much a perfect description of both to me! Good job, Gabriela. Listen to both of them below.

Rocket is out 5/19 via Domino.