Waxahatchee – “Never Been Wrong”

Waxahatchee have released the opening track from their new album Out In The Storm. It’s called “Never Been Wrong,” and it’s the second song we’ve heard from the project following lead single “Silver,” though they did also share the non-album highlight “No Curse” in the interim. As for “Never Been Wrong,” it’s some prime post-breakup bile-spewing from one of indie rock’s sharpest wits. Against a hard-charging backdrop, Katie Crutchfield gives a play-by-play on the inevitable fallout from a relationship’s demise: “Everyone will hear me complain/ Everyone will pity my pain/ And you’ll play defense, evading the nonsense/ Does it make you feel good to watch me stumble in the dark?” As the music builds to a crescendo, she concludes, “You love being right/ You’ve never been wrong.” It’s scathing as hell and just as catchy, and you can hear it below.

Out In The Storm is out 7/14 on Merge.

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