Waxahatchee Announce New Album Out In The Storm

Katie Crutchfield’s last studio album as Waxahatchee was 2015’s excellent Ivy Tripp, and the Birmingham-native songwriter spent the following year revisiting the project’s early years and reuniting with her sister Allison in their hallowed original band P.S. Elliot. Now she’s ready to return to her solo endeavor in earnest, announcing in an interview with Lenny the release of her fourth full-length Out In The Storm for this summer. In describing the new album’s thematic content, Katie said:

I don’t want to call it a break-up record, but it was a romantic and professional relationship that fell apart. I had to end it, and it rippled throughout every little corner of my life. Getting on the other side of that and reflecting on the whole spectrum of sadness and anger and resentment, I came out of it and I was a lot closer to myself.

While she hasn’t revealed an official release date or any music from the project yet, it’s likely that won’t be for long. Remind yourself why you should be very, very excited below.

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