Toro Y Moi Appears To Tease New Album Via Snail Mail To Fans

Teasing a new record by mailing stuff to fans is the new hot trend sweeping the music world! First Avey Tare did it with his new album Eucalyptus, and now Toro Y Moi is doing it with a new album that looks like it’s called Boo Boo. Instead of a jigsaw puzzle, Carpark Records mailed customers a printout featuring artwork and some pseudo-philosophical babble about love and space and stuff, and you can check it out below thanks to the good folk at /r/indieheads.

This will be the first Toro Y Moi album since 2015’s power-pop move What For?, not counting Star Stuff, Chaz Bundick’s recent collaborative album with the Mattson 2.

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