Mogwai – “Coolverine” Video

After a three-year wait, last month Mogwai satiated fans with the new single “Coolverine,” the lead single off their new album Every Country’s Sun. Now the band gives “Coolverine” the proper music video treatment, and it equally does not disappoint.

Simply put, the video acts as a black and white anti-gravity thriller. People and objects are shown cast into the air while others mysteriously stay in place. Questions like “Why are there two moons?” and “Why is gravity suddenly selective?” enhance rather than undermine the sheer enjoyment of watching sugar cubes float out of a mug at the horror-faced expense of the woman at the counter. Meaning is always up for interpretation, but one thing that’s certainly true is how well Mogwai morphed their single into a psuedo-score for a short film of sorts — not surprising given what they’ve been up to in the interim since 2014’s Rave Tapes. The video is directed by Hand Held Cine Club, aka brothers Justin and James Lockey, Mogwai leader Stuart Braithwaite’s bandmates in Minor Victories. Watch below.

Every Country’s Sun is out 9/1 via Rock Action/Temporary Residence. Pre-order it here.