Mogwai – “Coolverine”

Lately, Scottish post-rock kings Mogwai have been keeping busy using their tingly music to score film projects like Atomic and Before The Flood. (I also highly recommend their awesome soundtrack to the equally awesome and very unsettling French show Les Revenants). But now, they’ve finally announced Every Country’s Sun, the proper follow-up to their 2014 album Rave Tapes, and shared its superbly titled lead single “Coolverine.” Listen below.


01 “Coolverine”
02 “Party In The Dark”
03 “Brain Sweeties”
04 “Crossing The Road Material”
05 “aka 47″
06 “20 Size”
07 “1000 Foot Face”
08 “Don’t Believe The Fife”
09 “Battered At The Scramble”
10 “Old Poisons”
11 “Every Country’s Sun”

Every Country’s Sun is out 9/1 via Temporary Residence.

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