Frankie Rose – “Trouble”

When veteran New York rocker Frankie Rose moved out to Los Angeles at the beginning of the decade, she dove straight into releasing a string of solo albums, the most recent of which was 2013’s Herein Wild. After taking a quick detour with Beverly in 2014, she’s back to releasing music under her own name. Today, she’s announced her new album, Cage Tropical, whose creation actually coincided with a move back to New York. She recorded it with Jorge Elbrecht, and it was inspired by old horror and sci-fi movie soundtracks. “I love old sci-fi. They Live is one of my favorite movies ever, same with Suspiria,” she said in a press release. “80’s sci-fi movies with a John Carpenter soundtrack, with silly synths – that makes it into my file, to the point that I’ll write lyrics incorporating that kind of stuff. It’s in there.” Cage Tropical’s first single, “Trouble,” certainly bares some of that influence, with a creeping and pulsating beat blinking underneath Rose’s dreamy vocals. Watch a visual for the new track below.

Cage Tropical is out 8/11 via Slumberland/Grey Market.

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