Watch Vince Staples Talk Big Fish Theory, Afrofuturism, Sprite On The Daily Show

We’re a mere day away from the release of Big Fish Theory, the new album from the great Long Beach rapper Vince Staples. And since Staples is one of the funniest, most mercurial people we’ve got working in music today, it made sense that, when he was on The Daily Show last night, he didn’t perform any of its singles. Instead, he sat down with host Trevor Noah and had a great little five-minute conversation, one that touched on the new album, Staples’ public advocacy of Sprite, and the idea of Afrofuturism, about which Staples said simply, “I like saying stuff about black people to white people.” He also said that he’s trying to get Grace Jones’ streams up. Check it out below.

Big Fish Theory is out on 6/23 on Def Jam.