Parcels – “Overnight” (Prod. & Co-Written By Daft Punk)

Time and space bend in on one another. Parcels are an Australian band based in Berlin, and now they’ve teamed up with a pair of robots who are from the future but who are based in Paris. Parcels, who play a crispy, sidelong sort of dance-funk, have been building for a little while. Earlier this year, they released their Hideout EP, and we posted the early tracks “Myenemy,” “Gamesofluck,” and “Older.” But after the EP’s release, the members of Daft Punk saw Parcels perform in Paris, and they ended up working together on the new track “Overnight.” It’s a piece of lush, meticulous disco-flavored studio-pop that’s very much in the vein of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. And given that Daft Punk don’t often work with ascendant young artists, it’s cool to hear what these kids do with Daft Punk’s resources at their fingertips. Check it out below.

“Overnight” is out now at iTunes.