Arcade Fire Officially Unveil Everything Now Tracklist

Earlier this month, Arcade Fire shared the tracklist for their much-anticipated new album Everything Now as a series of anagrams. This was after a rumored tracklist appeared on Reddit, and the anagrams more or less confirmed it. And now they’ve fully confirmed it, telling us the for-real titles of the 13 tracks on Everything Now. They’ve also posted a video of them appearing on the LED screen from the album’s cover art. Check out both the tracklist and that video below.

01 “Everything_Now”
02 “Everything Now”
03 “Signs Of Life”
04 “Creature Comfort”
05 “Peter Pan”
06 “Chemistry”
07 “Infinite Content”
08 “Infinite_Content”
09 “Electric Blue”
10 “Good God Damn”
11 “Put Your Money On Me”
12 “We Don’t Deserve Love”
13 “Everything Now (continued)”

Everything Now is out 7/28 on Columbia.

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