Madeline Kenney – “Always”

Madeline Kenney is a neuroscientist, a painter, a knitter, a baker, and a nanny. But, most relevantly to our interests, she’s also a musician, and the music she makes is phenomenal. Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bear produced her upcoming debut full-length, Night Night At The First Landing, and the blissful shoegaze of lead single “Rita” earned a spot on our Five Best Songs Of The Week list when it came out. New single “Always” is just as good, a sharper, more muscular rocker that still keeps its head in the clouds.

The song is “kind of a temper tantrum about my frustrations with certain people in the art and music world; about having to kowtow to people who haven’t necessarily earned my respect because that’s the way things work, I suppose,” Kenney tells NPR, where the track premiered. “Even though I was pretty bitter when I wrote it, there are a few jokes hidden in there. I can’t take anything, even my own convictions, seriously.” Listen below.

Night Night At The First Landing is out 9/1 on Company. Pre-order it here.