Amy O – “Spill”

The naked strumming and layered vocals give the newest single from Amy O, “Spill,” a warm feeling of intimacy. It feels like the Bloomington, Indiana-based artist is singing directly to us when she says, “Everything stops in the moment you’re not here.” The song builds with glimmering keyboard embellishments and a touch of tambourine action.

Amy O told Fader that “Spill” was the last song she wrote for her upcoming album Elastic, of which we’ve already heard “Sunday Meal,” “Lavender Night,” and “History Walking.” She also explained her challenges laying down the track: “I was stubborn about keeping it stripped down throughout the recording process, thinking of it as a meditation of sorts on coming back to the present when you’re overwhelmed by life. It’s about how much we rely on the people we love to shape our perception of things. That can be scary, especially when you lose someone, but the beauty of loss is that it means you really care,” she said. Listen to “Spill” below.

Elastic is out 8/4 on Winspear Records. Pre-order it here.