Stream Tall Friend Safely Nobody’s

Tall Friend’s debut album, Safely Nobody’s, starts with a teary voicemail from Charlie Pfaff’s mother. Its meaning is indiscriminate, muffled by the distortion of modern communication, but it’s an opening into the intimately personal world of Pfaff’s songwriting. Pfaff’s delivery often sounds swallowed and closed-off, but that plays against the music the Philly-via-DC trio makes, which is often wiry and spacious. We’ve heard a few tracks off the album so far — “Oats,” “Small Space,” and “KB — and, at 16 minutes, it’s a short glimpse into what the band is capable of, but it’s a promising one. Check out the album stream below.

Safely Nobody’s is out 8/11 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.

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