Wolves In The Throne Room – “Angrboda”

Next month, the Pacific Northwestern black metal spell-casters Wolves In The Throne Room will release their new album Thrice Woven, and we’ve already posted the video for the LP’s opening track “Born From The Serpent’s Eye.” Today, as part of Adult Swim’s year-long singles series, they’ve shared another one of the album’s five tracks. “Angrboda” is a guttural, colossal piece of black metal that, for much of its running time, sacrifices the ominous ambience that the band sometimes brings for all-out ferocity. Eventually, though, the onslaught ends and the creepier sounds come in. It’s a very cool piece of music, and you can check it out below.

Thrice Woven is out 9/22 on the band’s own Artemisia label.