LCD Soundsystem’s Al Doyle: “It’s A Bit Of A Leap To Say The ‘Motivation’ Behind Ending The Band Is To Sell More Tickets”

LCD Soundsystem’s massive, highly publicized farewell show has become a bit of a sore subject for some fans following the band’s decision to get back together less than five years later. And James Murphy didn’t make things any easier for them when he sort of implied, during two separate interviews published yesterday and today, that he ended LCD Soundsystem partially to drive ticket sales for said massive, highly publicized farewell show. Here’s what he said in a New York Times profile:

“My theory was, if I make it our last show, we’ll sell it out in two weeks,” he said. The show sold out in minutes. “It wasn’t a total lark, but it was a bit larky,” Mr. Murphy admitted. “But I like making decisions. I find it easy.”

And here’s what he said in an interview with Vulture:

But behind that idea was the promoters’ belief that we just weren’t going to sell any tickets unless there [was] some extra element. So I got mad on the phone with them about it. I was like, “Well, how about it’s our last fucking show?” And I hung up the phone. Then I was like, I guess that’ll be our last show then.

But, as Pitchfork reports, LCD Soundsystem’s Al Doyle has taken to Twitter to clarify Murphy’s comments and to refute the idea that they broke up the band to boost ticket sales: