VMAs: Watch Fifth Harmony Diss Camila Cabello By Throwing Fifth Member Offstage

If you were looking for grand, dramatic statements of enmity on TV last night, you were probably watching the Game Of Thrones finale. But if you did happen to be watching the MTV Video Music Awards, you saw something along those lines as well. Last year, Camila Cabello, the most visible member of the enormous girl group Fifth Harmony, left the group to go solo. Cabello and the remaining Fifth Harmony members immediately started beefing with one another. And last night at the VMAs, Fifth Harmony performed their new single “Down” with Gucci Mane. And at the beginning of the performance, when five women stood at the top of a catwalk, one of them was immediately jerked offstage. The rest of the performance involved kicked-in glass doors, onstage rainfalls, and a big Gucci entrance; check it out below.

Fifth Harmony’s new self-titled album is out now on Epic.