Bibio – “Phantom Brickworks III (Edit)”

On last year’s excellent A Mineral Love, English experimental electronic producer Bibio explored a lovely ambient pop sound that came off like the world’s greatest experimental elevator music. He’s already dropping another album this fall called Phantom Brickworks, and from the sound of its lead single he’s moving on to something different. “Phantom Brickworks III (Edit)” is a minimalist new age sound collage constructed from eerie piano trills and assorted ethereal sounds. Hear it below.


01 “1899-12-30″
02 “Phantom Brickworks”
03 “Pantglas”
04 “Phantom Brickworks II”
05 “Capel Celyn”
06 “Phantom Brickworks III”
07 “Ivy Charcoal”
08 “Branch Line”
09 “Capel Bethania”

Phantom Brickworks is out 11/3 on Warp. Pre-order it here.

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