Hear Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Shake It” From Fever To Tell Deluxe Reissue

Meet Me In The Bathroom, Lizzie Goodman’s recent oral history about early-’00s New York rock, is more about the Strokes than anything else. But the real heroes of the book might be the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, quite possibly the one band from that era who made good on all their promise. And next month, the band will reissue their classic 2003 full-length debut Fever To Tell, which makes this a great moment to remember that initial spark of excitement.

Yesterday, the band shared an unreleased 2002 demo of a song called “Phone Jam.” Today, they’ve shared another unreleased old one, a jittery two-minute strutter called “Shake It.” (It’s a song they’ve been playing live since 2002.) Unlike “Phone Jam,” “Shake It” could’ve easily made it onto Fever To Tell; it might’ve even been a highlight. They’ve also announced that the teased Fever To Tell reissue is coming out next month. It’ll be the first time in a decade that the album will be available on vinyl, for $195 you can get the box set with more tracks and various collectibles. Below, check out “Shake It,” the tracklist for the Fever To Tell reissue, and the band’s Twitter announcement.


Fever To Tell:
01 “Rich”
02 “Date With The Night”
03 “Man”
04 “Tick”
05 “Black Tongue”
06 “Pin”
07 “Cold Light”
08 “No No No”
09 “Maps”
10 “Y Control”
11 “Modern Romance”
12 “Poor Song”

Bonus disc:
01 “Date With The Night (Four Track Demo)”
02 “Black Tongue (Four Track Demo)”
03 “Pin (Four Track Demo)”
04 “Maps (Early Four Track Demo)”
05 “Poor Song (Four Track Demo)”
06 “Tick (Four Track Demo)”
07 “Shot Down (Four Track Demo)”
08 “Ooh Ooh Ooh (Four Track Demo)”
09 “Maps (Four Track Demo)”
10 “Shake It”
11 “Machine”
12 “Modern Things”
13 “Graveyard”
14 “Shot Down”
15 “Yeah! New York”
16 “Boogers”
17 “Countdown”

This fall, at the Growlers Six and Sound On Sound festivals, the YYYs will play their first live shows in four years. And on Twitter, they’ve also announced a couple of other live shows.

The Fever To Tell reissue is out 10/20.