Deradoorian – “Nia In The Dark”

As a past member of Dirty Projectors and backing vocalist for acts like Flying Lotus and Rostam, Angel Deradoorian is no stranger to collaboration. But if her solo work up to this point has proven anything, it’s that Deradoorian deserves the spotlight. Her 2009 EP Mind Raft introduced the minimalist pop-electronic sound that she continued to exercise and sharpen with her 2015 album The Expanding Flower Planet, and now with her upcoming mini-album, Eternal Recurrence.

Deradoorian shared the new album’s second single today, following last month’s release of “Mountainside.” “Nia In The Dark” is an atmospheric haunt edging on witch house, a charming lullaby echoed over a steady bass and airy synth. Deradoorian’s voice swirls around a foreboding melody, “In the night, in the darkness all becomes so still and quiet/ I can see you in the shadows, I can feel you in my mind.” Sirenic croons guide you in and out of a mesmerizing interlude, culminating in Deradoorian’s melodic chanting. Listen below.

Eternal Recurrence is out 10/6 on Anticon.