Liam Gallagher Makes Up With James Corden Just In Time To Play James Corden’s Show Tonight

Where’s the beef? Not here, apparently. A few months ago, the notoriously level-headed and not at all antagonistic Liam Gallagher told GQ that there was “no fucking chance” he’d go on Carpool Karaoke. “With that fat bloke from Kevin & Perry?” he said, referring to the British sitcom Gavin & Stacey. “I don’t need to watch it to know I won’t like it. James Corden is a knobhead.” In response, Corden facetiously told The Daily Beast, “God, I just don’t know how we’ll carry on. I don’t how we’ll even think of carrying on. Yeah, God, what will we do?” But they seemed to have made up, conveniently just in time for Liam’s performance on The Late Late Show tonight:

Will Liam make up with Potato, though? Probably not. When asked during a Reddit AMA today if he would sing a song Noel wrote if it was offered to him, Liam replied, “I think he needs all the songs he can get himself these days.” And when asked how he likes his potatoes: “I like them roasted.”