Liam Gallagher Reiterates That Noel Is A Potato

Yep, Liam Gallagher still thinks that Noel is a potato. In a new interview with The Telegraph to promote the new Oasis documentary Supersonic, which looks really good, the younger Gallagher shares some harsh words for his elder brother.

“Noel’s far too busy to promote the film,” Liam begins. “Apparently, he’s doing a fun album, and he’s living in the now, and he’s too fucking busy to be going down the nostalgic route. Which is funny, because it was his management who decided to make the film. But he won’t be at the premiere, and he’ll come back with some quick remark, like, ‘Oh, I’ve no need to be doing this, but that’s all Liam’s got’. Well, I’m doing it, because I’m not leaving it to them cowboys to do a film about my fucking thing.”

Then the magical moment finally arrives: Noel “is a potato,” Liam reiterates. He “dresses like Gary Barlow.” “The olive branch has been put out many times, and he’s blanked it,” he continues. “It’s a shame we can’t bury the hatchet, but it’s not like I’m messing with the brakes on his car, or he’s putting my windows through. It’s just banter, isn’t it, until one of us grows up. It is a shame. I don’t see his kids, he doesn’t see my kids, and it hurts my mum, and all that tackle. It’s all very childish and ridiculous, but there you go. I’m quite enjoying it, actually.”

“So yeah,” Liam concludes, “here we are now, twenty years later, bored out of our fucking minds. The party is well and truly over!”

And, yes, Noel is still a potato.