Slowdive – “Don’t Know Why” Video

Earlier this year, the reunited ’90s shoegazers Slowdive came back with their new self-titled album, and it’s one of our favorites of the year. Today, they’ve got a new video for the gorgeous, shimmery album track “Don’t Know Why” from the great director Grant Singer. It’s a strange video, one that starts with beautiful footage of a husky in a meadow before switching to a couple frolicking on an overcast beach and, finally, a young woman having some sort of self-destructive episode. The video is sadly an Apple Music exclusive, but if you can get it to work, you can watch it here.

Singer writes:

This video is less about logic and more about a feeling. It’s a triptych about memory, about being lost and abandoned. Slowdive has been my favorite band since I was a kid. To say that making this video was surreal would be an understatement. Their music has been this gift—this friend that stays with me always and gets better over time. Hearing their new album left me speechless. So having the opportunity to make something for them is an honor that I don’t take for granted.

Slowdive is out now on Dead Oceans.