Green Day Announce Greatest Hits Collection Featuring Two New Songs

Green Day already have one greatest-hits album. It’s called International Superhits!, and it fucking rules. That compilation came out in 2001. That was before Green Day released American Idiot, which means it covers the period when Green Day were just a really great major-label pop-punk singles machine. But now Green Day are getting ready to release another greatest-hits album, and this one will cover the band’s entire career, including the Lookout! era, up until now.

The new collection is coming out next month, and it’s called God’s Favorite Band, inspired by the jokey introduction that the band got when they were on Colbert earlier this year. It’ll feature 20 older songs and two new ones: “Back In The USA” and a new version of “Ordinary World,” a ballad from last year’s Revolution Radio album, that will feature country star Miranda Lambert. Here’s the tracklist.

01 “2000 Light Years Away”
02 “Longview”
03 “Welcome To Paradise”
04 “Basket Case”
05 “When I Come Around”
06 “She”
07 “Brain Stew”
08 “Hitchin’ A Ride”
09 “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”
10 “Minority”
11 “Warning”
12 “American Idiot”
13 “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”
14 “Holiday”
15 “Wake Me Up When September Ends”
16 “Know Your Enemy”
17 “21 Guns”
18 “Oh Love”
19 “Bang Bang”
20 “Still Breathing”
21 “Ordinary World” (Feat. Miranda Lambert)
22 “Back In The USA”

Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band is out 11/17.

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