Liima – “2-Hearted” Video

Liima — the project of Efterklang members Casper Clausen, Rasmus Stolberg, and Mads Brauer with Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö — only released their debut ii last year, but they’re already back with a sophomore album, 1982, a record that finds them navigating territory that’s more lush and nocturnal than on their first outing. We’ve already heard 1982’s soaring title track, and today the band released another of the record’s highlights, “2-Hearted,” a gorgeous and otherworldly track that sounds like a pop song from another dimension. In a press release, Clausen said the “2-Hearted” is “about a conflict of the love for two different directions –wanting two different people or opposite directions in life at the same time, and to find an acceptance within the situation rather than a choice.”

Built on a fluttering, trippy synth pattern, “2-Hearted” works like waves ebbing and flowing, pulling back then crashing repeatedly as it weaves in and out of a sneakily infectious chorus. Clausen spends most of the song heavily Auto-Tuned, making him sound lost, calling out from someplace far away; it sets the song up for its conclusion, where Clausen returns without any vocal effects. Besides underlining the duality of the track, the effect has a dramatic payoff; Clausen floating in the distance then coming back to earth to find some resolution at the end of it all. Fittingly, the song’s video — directed by London-based artist Mariana Bisti — uses footage of Hong Kong with barely any mark of human presence, to convey both serenity and anxious isolation. “2-Hearted” is one of those mysterious songs, the kind that hold paradoxes of happy and sad, removed and vulnerable, and the clip is perfect for it. Check it out below.

1982 is out 11/3 via City Slang. Pre-order it here.