MØ – “When I Was Young” Video

A few weeks ago, MØ surprise-released a new EP, When I Was Young, and today she’s shared a video for the carnival-esque title track. It stars three different versions of MØ — one in red, one in white, one in black — and the one dressed in black sics her posse of skeleton people on the other two and they have a dance-off on the streets of an abandoned village. It’s a play off Edvard Munch’s painting The Dance Of Life, and it’s a lot of fun until the dark ending. Here’s what MØ had to say about it:

I’m so happy to present this video because it feels very true to the song and to who I am. It was inspired by a painting called ‘The Dance Of Life’ by one of my favorite artists, Edvard Munch. It’s an illustration of three women—one in white, one in red and one in black—and tells a story about three stages of human life: youth, maturity, and old age. I was always drawn to this image as a kid due to its simple symbolism and emotion and have been dying to do a video that could reflect on it. Since ‘When I Was Young’ is all about nostalgia and reflecting on life—especially the past, but also the now and the future—it just seemed like the perfect time to do it.

Watch below.

The When I Was Young EP is out now.