Yours Are The Only Ears – “Saturn”

Yours Are The Only Ears – “Saturn”

Yours Are The Only Ears is the project of New York-based musician Susannah Cutler, and over the last few years she’s been releasing songs that are sparse but powerful. We’ve highlighted a couple of them, like “Fire In My Eyes” and “Low,” and next year she’ll release her debut full-length. “Saturn” is from that upcoming album, a transportive and warm track that gains strength as it goes along, blossoming in the final verse. From “please don’t leave me here alone” to “follow your heart/ love your own art,” Cutler uses “Saturn” to tell a coming-of-age story in four minutes time. It’s lush and liquefying, a meditation on finding solitude in yourself and using that self-possession to move yourself forward. Listen to it below.

“Saturn” is out now.

CREDIT: Daniel Dorsa

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