GFOTY – “Poison/Tongue” Video

GFOTY’s been pretty quiet since last year, when she released the Call Him A Doctor mixtape, which was very good. But the PC Music-affiliated producer just announced that she’s collecting the one-offs and loosies she’s put out over the last few years into a “greatest hits” compilation called GFOTYBUCKS that comes out next week. To accompany the announcement, GFOTY has shared a combined video for “Poison,” which showed up on the VIPOTY EP, and “Tongue,” a rarity that’s only been played live as far as I can tell. The vid is as manic as GFOTY’s persona, a mix of DGAF aggression and surprisingly tender moments. Watch below.

01 “My Song”
02 “Believe”
03 “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It (Bucks Mix)”
04 “Tongue”
05 “Unbreak My Heart”
06 “Red Silver Blue”
07 “Poison”
08 “Huge”
09 “Mysterious GFOTY”
10 “Christmas Day”
11 “Lemsip (Bucks Mix)”
12 “All The Small Things”
13 “Lover”
14 “Drown Her”
15 “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”
16 “USA”
17 “Kiss”
18 “Nobody Does It Better”
19 “Friday Night”

GFOTYBUCKS is out 11/17 via PC Music.