Marilyn Manson – “KILL4ME” Video (Feat. Johnny Depp)

Marilyn Manson sure seems to be tight bros with accused domestic abuser Johnny Depp! Just last month, Depp starred in Manson’s riotously dumb, NSFW video for “SAY10.” And today, Depp is once again all up in Manson’s just as NSFW, just as dumb video for “KILL4ME,” another track from the new Manson album Heaven Upside Down. In the video, Manson stares up at a spinning camera while lip-syncing, and Depp watches various porny scenarios play out on surveillance cameras before jumping in himself. Because you really wanted to watch Johnny Depp jumping into an orgy this morning, didn’t you? Bill Yukich directs. It’s below.

Heaven Upside Down is out now on Loma Vista.