Parquet Courts Talk Their “Raw” New LP, Out Next Year

Parquet Courts Talk Their “Raw” New LP, Out Next Year

New York postpunk institution Parquet Courts are a busy, busy band. Just in the past few months, the band has released a collaborative album with composer Daniele Luppi, and co-leader Andrew Savage has dropped a solo album of his own. And as this Reddit page points out, the band recently gave an interview to the print magazine DIY, talking about the new album that they intend to release next year.

Parquet Courts’ as-yet-untitled full-band follow-up to 2016’s great Human Performance is being mixed right now, and it’s tentatively set for a May release. And according to Savage, the new LP will be an enraged, politically engaged affair. Here’s how Savage describes it:

I wanted to get back to writing raw songs. Things you can dance to and things I could harness my anger into, which is plentiful being in America right now. I didn’t write any love songs; it’s all rippers…

Whatever internal turmoil and unrest was happening [on Human Performance], that’s been mooted and replaced by an outward turmoil and a general state of unrest at living in the US. I think that honesty of one’s own time is what people are connecting to in art. It has to speak to the current condition or else it’ll have a very short shelf life…

If there’s one thing the record’s against, it’s nihilism. There’s way too much of [that] in my country and in society at large in the moment. I think that anger can be constructive. And there’s some unrest, for sure. But that can be positive. It’s not gonna be like a Lars Von Trier movie or anything.

Savage also says that the album will most likely include a song called “Total Football,” an “anthem” inspired by American hardcore. I have to tell you: All of this sounds fucking awesome.

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