Loma – “Relay Runner”

Band To Watch alumni Cross Record dwell on a Texas ranch making eerie, tumbleweed-strewn post-rock epics. So it only makes sense that band braintrust Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski formed a trio with Shearwater mastermind Jonathan Meiburg, their fellow Texan and a musical kindred spirit known for his own darkly grandiose compositions. Their new group, Loma, announced a self-titled debut album last month with lead single “Black Willow.” Today they’re back with a second advance track called “Relay Runner.” Over whisking wind and a krautrock pulse infested by rattlesnakes, Cross and Meiburg dreamily intone a story about escaping from a sealed room. It’s truly lovely, so listen below.

Loma is out 2/16 on Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.

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