Terror Pigeon – “True Basement Romance”

Last summer, Neil Fridd released the latest Terror Pigeon album, We Will Never Run Out Of Love!, and just like he did for his previous album, he’s putting out an outtakes collection of songs he recorded over the last couple years that didn’t make the LP. Dubbed Yucksongs 2! Haley Makes The Cover! 2015​-​2017, it’s out at the end of the week and we’re sharing a propulsive cut called “True Basement Romance” from it a little early. This one was produced by Jack Greenleaf (of Band To Watch alums Sharpless) and it captures the electricity in the air at a house show, as Fridd narrativizes the fluttering thrum of his heart when he sees a crush across the room and asks them to dance. It’s ecstatic and enveloping, layers of slick guitar licks and blasting beats caked together, echoing the feeling of momentary invincibility that comes with flirtation and desire. Listen to it below.

Here’s another song from the outtakes album:

Yucksongs 2! Haley Makes The Cover! 2015​-​2017 is out 1/5. Pre-order it here digitally or on tape via It Takes Time Records here.