Meet Virtual Currency Girls, The Cryptocurrency-Themed J-Pop Group

Meet Virtual Currency Girls, The Cryptocurrency-Themed J-Pop Group

The world is a strange and wondrous place. People live entire lives that we couldn’t possibly hope to understand. And eight of those people are now in a Japanese pop-idol group that exists to extoll the virtues of mysterious-to-most-of-us cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Reuters reports that Virtual Currency Girls, the aforementioned J-pop group, made their debut for an audience of about 20 people earlier today in Tokyo. The members of the group wear frilly French maid dresses and lucha libre masks, and each member is supposed to represent a different form of cryptocurrency. You’ll only be able to buy their concert tickets and merch using bitcoin, and members’ salaries are also paid in bitcoin. Their debut single is called “The Moon, Cryptocurrency, And Me,” and it includes this lyric, in Japanese: “Be careful about your password! Don’t use the same one!” Here it is:

The group’s timing isn’t exactly great. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have reportedly been popular in Japan and South Korea in recent years. But yesterday, South Korea banned cryptocurrency trading, which caused a precipitous drop in bitcoin prices.

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