A Cryptocurrency-Themed Rapper Named CoinDaddy Exists

Last week we learned about Virtual Currency Girls, cryptocurrency-themed J-pop group. I regret to inform you that they’re not alone. Over the weekend The New York Times ran a big feature on the people who’ve been getting rich off the virtual currency boom, and tucked away amidst the stories of sudden lavish wealth and told-you-so vindictiveness is a passage about a cryptocurrency-themed rapper named CoinDaddy. It’s set at the annual San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup Party last month at the Runway Incubator. Here it is, CoinDaddy’s big introduction to the world at large:

As the holiday party filled up, a cryptocurrency rapper called CoinDaddy — Arya Bahmanyar, 28 — was getting ready to perform.

Formerly a commercial real estate agent, Mr. Bahmanyar works full time at CoinDaddy after becoming a self-described crypto-millionaire (“you think I would dress up like this if I wasn’t?”). “Right now all our entertainers come from outside crypto culture — not inside crypto, and we’ve got to change that,” he said.

He pointed to his outfit — a long white fake mink coat, gold-heeled shoes — and said, “It’s gold, right? It’s gold. It’s a niche, and I’m going to fill it.”

He says he is going to shoot a music video soon for a song called “Lambo Party” and another called “Cryptomom,” about “all these moms are pumping in their children’s savings accounts.”

Here are some of his songs, including “Crypto Life,” “Crypto Caviar,” “West Coast Crypto,” and (yes) “Blood Vs. Crypto.”

Bitcoin is gonna do to Silicon Valley what Trump did to Veep.

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