Stream Payroll Giovanni & Cardo Big Bossin’ Vol. 2

Two years ago, Payroll Giovanni, the Detroit street-rap veteran and lead member of the local crew Doughboyz Cashout, teamed up with the Texan rap producer Cardo for the collaborative mixtape Big Bossin’, Vol. 1. The tape, which became an internet cult favorite almost immediately, didn’t sound like Detroit or Texas rap. Instead, it paid tribute to crisp, streamlined California G-rap, hitting pleasure centers hard. Payroll is a sharp, precise rapper with a serious nasty streak, and Cardo knows how to put a subtly melodic slapper together. Today, they’ve followed it up with a sequel, and it’s not a mixtape; it’s a major-label album. We’ve posted first single “Mail Long,” with E-40, and Jeezy shows up on another song. But most of the album’s guests are Payroll’s underground peers, and the focus is firmly on the central chemistry between rapper and producer. On a day when the new Migos album is sucking up a lot of the air in the room, Big Bossin’, Vol. 2 is very much worth your time. You can use Spotify to stream it below.

Big Bossin, Vol. 2 is out now on Def Jam.