Beach Fossils – “Agony” (Yung Lean Cover) Video

Last year, the woozy Brooklyn guitar-pop band Beach Fossils returned with their album Somersault. And today, the band declares pan-genre solidarity with woozy musicians the world over. Or something. Beach Fossils have just shared their cover of “Agony,” a song from the perma-bummed Swedish drug-rapper Yung Lean’s 2017 album Stranger. This should be an odd fit, and yet it works perfectly, with Beach Fossils’ own indolent, downbeat aesthetic meshing beautifully with Yung Lean’s gooily poetic melancholy. Check out Beach Fossils’ video and listen to the original Yung Lean track below.

Indie bands beware: When you cover viral rap stars, the results usually do not turn out this well. Proceed with caution.