Lucy Dacus – “Next Of Kin”

The Richmond-based musician Lucy Dacus will release a new album on Matador next month, the follow-up to her wildly successful debut No Burden. We’ve already heard lead single “Night Shift” as well as “Addictions,” and today Dacus is offering up another new one. Dacus considers “Next Of Kin” to be Historian’s thesis. “It’s a breaking point after a build up of difficult subject matter. It’s a song about accepting fate, forgetting fear, and allowing yourself to be incomplete always,” she writes. “Next Of Kin” starts with a thunderous drumbeat that subsides into sparse, stylized percussion accented by a tambourine. It sounds off to girl groups of yore while Dacus’ lyrics remain rooted in the present moment. “I will never be complete/ I’ll never know everything/ I used to be too deep inside my head/ Now I’m too far out of my skin, too far out of my skin,” she sings. Listen below.

Historian is out 3/2 via Matador.

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